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The ‘Real’ iPad 3 Not Coming Until Late 2012

November 10, 2011 Leave a comment

The ‘real’ iPad 3 will be launched late in 2012 at the earliest.

Apple’s  announcement of iPhone 4S in October of this year, made many disappoint. Most them felt that the phone was just a follow-on to its previous baby brother iPhone 4, carries its resemblance much and not wholly a new device. Apple has done this before, with the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS, and it has become the trend of releasing an updated version of previous device is spreading to other Apple products.

A report in Digitimes says that, while Apple’s newest iPad will hit the market in March of next year, it will not be the ‘real’ iPad 3. But, the iPad that was seen in 2012 will be an updated iPad 2. The website also cites supply chain sources that say the ‘real’ iPad 3 will not be unveiled until the third quarter of 2012, at the earliest. It will not be surprising at all, if this turns out to be true, after all, it wouldn’t be the first time Apple has put off a full upgrade in favor of minor upgrades to last year’s model. Add to that the fact that the iPad 2 was already a pretty major upgrade from the iPad 1, including a whole new design, and it seems pretty likely. According to the Digitimes report, the iPad 2 upgrade will have a longer battery life and a slightly slimmer design.

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Samsung targets iPhone 4S sales ban in France and Italy

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

SEOUL, Samsung Electronics said it will file a law suit for patent-infringement in France and Italy to ban the sale of Apple’s new iPhone. Apple has introduced a new product after a year and it is less than a day after it was unveiled, intensifying a legal battle between the two top brands.

Samsung has become a strong challenger to mobile devices of Apple. The mentioned companies are fighting for patent rights in courtrooms around the world. The latest salvo made the investors and Apple fans wishing for more powerful device than a previous one introduced more than a year ago.

Samsung says that Apple has violated property rights and their free ride on technology. Samsung said preliminary injunction requests for a ban on iPhone 4S sales will be filed on Wednesday and each case involves two patent infringements related to its wireless technology.

Samsung and Apple are competing for the top place in the global smartphone market. On Tuesday, Apple rejected an offer from Samsung to settle a tablet computer dispute in Australia, possibly killing off the commercial viability of the new Galaxy tablet in that market.

There goes a legal battle between the two, Apple says Samsung’s Galaxy line of mobile phones and tablets are blindly the copy of Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Samsung rejected the charge and accused Apple of not paying license fees for some of its patents. Apple says that Samsung never expected license fee until 2010.

The iPhone 4S adds to Apple’s iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 products that Samsung claims infringed its wireless-technology patents.

This has lead Android rivals to grab market share leaving other shares decline.

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Apple: Over a million iPhone 4S pre-orders in the first 24 hours

October 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Apple announced today that within the first 24 hrs more than a million pre-orders for its new iPhone 4S were taken after making them available through the Apple online store and wireless carriers. Just after the opening of pre-orders, Apple has completely sold through its stock of new iPhone 4S devices for its Oct. 14 U.S. launch day.

Apple ushered in the latest model of its iPhone, the iPhone 4S, last week with much expectation. The new model features raised its grade with the phone’s processor, camera and a new personal voice assistant called Siri.

The time frame for getting the new phone on the day of launch have ended and the pre-ordered phone’s shipping expects to take 1-2 weeks. Apple has never experienced such a highest pre-order numbers with iPhone, according to Apple SVP of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller. Apple has already experienced insane demand for the new iPhone, with U.S. wireless carrier AT&T reporting that it had already taken well over 200,000 orders just 12 hours after making the phone eligible on its website, according to Reuters — which would indicate that the company probably had comparable numbers from the other two carriers offering the iPhone (Sprint and Verizon). And now we have confirmation. Analysts expect that Apple will sell close to 27 million phones in the October-December quarter, according to the report from Reuters.

The iPhone 4S will be launched worldwide on October 14 in United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, France, Germany and the U.K.

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