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Mobile security feats to double in 2011, says IBM

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Depending on 12 billion “security events” that happened in the first half of the year, IBM has decided that the number of mobile security exploits in 2011 will be twice as high than in 2010.

Mobile malware leads its way to consumers via third-party applications and often use premium SMS services to monetize an infection or collect private data on cell phones that is extracted in phishing attacks or for identity theft purposes.

Tom Cross, manager of Threat Intelligence and Strategy for IBM X-Force says that observers expected mobile malware to become a big problem of latest generation and this is the time that it has come true.

The situation is more worst that the number of critical vulnerabilities is tripled in 2011. Especially attacks from “hacktivist” groups now more a concern as they typically exploit known vulnerabilities, challenging organizations to figure out ways to fix newly discovered problems much faster than before.

The positive observation clears that the number of vulnerabilities in web applications has declined. Last year the number was 49 percentage and this year it is downed to 37 percentage. The number of browser vulnerabilities declined as well, as did the amount of spam that is being sent to users, which has a direct impact on phishing attacks. According to IBM, the percentage of spam that is phishing on a weekly basis was less than 0.01 percent.

Source: tomsguide