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Samsung’s Galaxy S III may rock a 4.8″ screen, ceramic back

At this point, Samsung’s Galaxy S III is beginning to feel like the next iPhone — at least when it comes to rumors. The recent report categorizes the mobile with a 4.8- inch screen, comparatively 0.2 inches larger than Google’s Galaxy Nexus. It do features a luxurious ceramic back, the sources states the mobile site Boy Genius Report. The mega size screen will be much flabbergasting, especially given how much Samsung is trying to push the 5.3 inch Galaxy Note as a smartphone. And the addition of better rear material would certainly help to improve Samsung’s building quality.

Samsung’s Galaxy S line has acquired more fans since it was launched initially, inspite of its flimsiness and plasticky. Even the Samsung-built Galaxy Nexus suffers from cheap feeling plastic rear. A ceramic back would feel better in the hand and be more durable than plastic. This is give a entire different look for Samsung, in a way to differentiate the Galaxy S III from Apple’s all-glass iPhone 4(S) design. At this point, the Galaxy S III is expected to sport a quad-core processor (a given, after all the quad-core phones at Mobile World Congress), better cameras, and may end up being just 7 millimeters thick. BGR also reports that the Galaxy S III may launch in over 50 markets simultaneously, which echoes HTC’s goal to launch its new HTC One phones worldwide in April.

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Rumor Has It: Apple Planning 15-Inch MacBook Air

November 28, 2011 Leave a comment

People know that rumors of a sort of MacBook Pro/MacBook Air occurrence for the past few months and it seems that Digitimes  may be confirming the arrival of a larger, ultrabook-like 15-inch MacBook Air.

The source hopes on the rumor that Apple is working on updated 11.6-inch, 13.3-inch and 15-inch models. This will be entirely different from the Pro line. Analysts do have a hope that this will result in the drive down of current MBA prices as Apple tries to head off the coming flood of Windows-based ultrabooks – 30-50 at CES alone, according to some estimates. This partially confirms rumors that Apple’s next 15- inchers will comparatively be thinner and lighter thatn the current MacBook Pro line-up.

Source: techcrunch

Loss leader alert: $79 Amazon Kindle costs $84 to build

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Not only the Kindle’s specs and features attract people, but also, Amazon’s price tag kindles them to buy. Amazon’s Kindle has priced $79 which actually cost $84.25 for its manufacture, but another sign that Amazon cares more about profiting on the content it sells rather than hardware.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO has challenged the bet to get low-cost hardware for consumers, will pay off immensely when they buy more digital content to make up for hardware losses. To the contrary, Apple makes its money on hardware sales and not as nearly as much on content. A market researach made by the company IHS iSuppli , conveys that the Kindle that is tagged with the price $79, actually costs estimated $84.25. This loss is not so severe as the $10 hit Amazon will take for every Kindle Fire it sells. The new basic Kindle still features an E-Ink screen and booted out keyboard from the previous generation. Thereby it has been reduced 30 percent lighter than the previous generation’s. The $79 model provides some advertising, known as “Special Offers” by Amazon. If the user’s choice is a non-ad-filled basic Kindle, it will consume the user of $109. But it does not make it nearly as good of a deal.

The $79 Kindle’s biggest non-Amazon competition will be the $99 Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch. B&N recently announced that it would add improved software and a better E-Ink screen that supposedly displays text 25 percent faster than the previous Nook Simple model.

The complete breakdown for materials on the Kindle can be viewed below:

$79 Kindle Materials

Display Module                                            : $30.50
Main PCB                                                         : $30.37
Other – Enclosures / Final Assembly : $15.08
Box Contents                                                 : $2.06
Misc Interface PCBs                                    : $0.59
Direct Material Cost Total                        : $78.59
Manufacturing Cost                                     : $5.66

Total Materials & Manufacturing: $84.25

Source: venturebeat

The ‘Real’ iPad 3 Not Coming Until Late 2012

November 10, 2011 Leave a comment

The ‘real’ iPad 3 will be launched late in 2012 at the earliest.

Apple’s  announcement of iPhone 4S in October of this year, made many disappoint. Most them felt that the phone was just a follow-on to its previous baby brother iPhone 4, carries its resemblance much and not wholly a new device. Apple has done this before, with the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS, and it has become the trend of releasing an updated version of previous device is spreading to other Apple products.

A report in Digitimes says that, while Apple’s newest iPad will hit the market in March of next year, it will not be the ‘real’ iPad 3. But, the iPad that was seen in 2012 will be an updated iPad 2. The website also cites supply chain sources that say the ‘real’ iPad 3 will not be unveiled until the third quarter of 2012, at the earliest. It will not be surprising at all, if this turns out to be true, after all, it wouldn’t be the first time Apple has put off a full upgrade in favor of minor upgrades to last year’s model. Add to that the fact that the iPad 2 was already a pretty major upgrade from the iPad 1, including a whole new design, and it seems pretty likely. According to the Digitimes report, the iPad 2 upgrade will have a longer battery life and a slightly slimmer design.

Source: tomsguide

U.S. Cellular: iPhone buy-in price too steep

November 7, 2011 Leave a comment

According to U.S. Cellular’s CEO Mary Dillon, Apple’s iPhone could have been available on five carriers this fall instead of just four. Fierce Wireless first reported that Dillon exposed during the carrier’s quarterly earnings call that her company rebuffed the iPhone because Apple’s “terms were unacceptable form a risk and profitability standpoint”.

Apple’s demands from its carrier partners is not a surprise. When the information about Sprint getting the iPhone aboard the latest hardware refresh came out, it also spread out that the investment vows that Apple required of Sprint would be very considerable. Sprint said, in its recent earnings call that its investment was worth “every penny”. The total cost of that investment would be $7 billion, because the carrier would be paying 40 percent more than the industry average to finance each device sold to customers, says Reuters. Sprint had to perpetrate to a large minimum order of iPhone devices, either it could sell those onto consumers or not, and likely won’t reap the credits of the deal until 2015.

Earlier this week,  Telefonica, one of the Apple’s Czech carrier partners, took the decision to drop the 4S and including all iPhone models because of Apple’s terms. It is apparent that it is not a price of just, despite the fact that Apple continues to break records for device sales. U.S. Cellular positions the sixth place and exists as the sixth largest network operator in the U.S. It serves around 6.1 million customers, particularly this covers people in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and New England. It utilizes CDMA technology for its network. This technology is something the latest models iPhones support since the introduction of the Verizon iPhone 4 early this year.

C Spire consists of customers which covers the U.S south and has approximately 900,000 subscribers. In spite of getting more customers than C Spire, U.S. Cellular seems to be not interested in making the same investment in Apple that the smaller carrier announced in October. C Spire starts the sale of the iPhone on Nov. 11.

Apple has a track record that allows it to make demands of carrier partners that many of its competitors could not, and even though it’s losing some potential subscribers by not being flexible enough to satisfy everyone, it has the luxury of being able to do so. Apple was capable of making an estimated 52 percent of the mobile phone industry’s profits, though it has only 4.2 percent market share. With these numbers, it can render to leave some deals on the table. Also, U.S. Cellular could come back to that table too. According to Dillon, the company remains open to carrying the iPhone if the deal makes more sense in the future.

Source: gigaom

The King Has Fallen: Samsung Dethrones Apple As Smartphone Leader

October 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Even before the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’s sale is started, Samsung succeeded in attaining the lead against Apple to become the largest mobile phone maker by  revenue in the third quarter of 2011. But Nokia still persist in crowning for mobile phone sales by volume, and for Apple, it has been pushed back by both Nokia and Samsung to take the number three spot in terms of revenue.

At the same time, Samsung has not disclosed the exact numbers, the Guardian spoke to Daiwa Securities technology analyst Jae Lee, who evaluates that Samsung has sold around 28 million phones in the third quarter, Whereas Apple has made only 17 million phones. Yet it is tough comparison to estimate because Apple releases a phone per year while Samsung launches quite a few more than that.

Samsung Galaxy S II has given its hands to achieve the goal of breaking the records in this quarter with sales of 14.9 trillion won up (US $13.5 billion) 37 percent from last year. While declining to offer sales figures for handsets, a Samsung representative conveyed that smart-phones sales had quadrupled the previous quarter, with overall handset shipments increasing by more than 20 percent.

With the result of  Gartner research, the Guardian figures out that 20 percent increase to be shipments of about 86 million handsets between July and September.  It is well known that Samsung is wrapped up in a massive legal wrangle with Apple and still it is capable of possess the crown. Considering Apple, the company’s  CEO Tim Cook intends strategies for Apple’s upcoming quarter, predicting record iPhone and iPad sales. The time will soon show whether the crown will be replaced or it will exist with the same corporation.

Source: techcrunch

Report: Apple iPad 3 Will Launch in March With Smaller Dock

October 25, 2011 Leave a comment

There is a hap for Apple to roll out the iPad 3 in March 2012. Its is not a surprise while thinking of the company’s previous two tablets, launched recently. Yet the third-generation iPad reportedly possess the smaller dock connector feature that could cause some compatibility with other existing Apple gadgets.

Macotakara claimed according to a “reliable Asian source” that Apple is rushing in the mission of producing iPad 3. The company wants the wholesome device to be ready by the end of January, but the production of iPad 3 will be interrupted by the Chinese New Year holidays,which is from January 22 to 28, slightly earlier than usual.

Macotakara says that the iPad 3 will be having the same number of pins as like the current generation iPad except that this third generation iPad will be smaller in size. This may create problems in connection as the current, larger connector  of other Apple products may not match this iPad. But the size of screen is same as that of iPad 2, but it could not say whether or not the device would get upgraded to a retina display.

There are apparent evidence that Apple is ready to kick off production on the iPad 3. All Things D reported last week that evidence in supply chains like increased iPad orders, imply that the rumored device is headed into production. It is guessed that the device may appear sometime in March. The iPad 2 was launched on 11, March 2011.

Much more rumors hang around about iPad 3. It is said that iPad 3 will be lighter and thinner. But the price of the iPad cannot be guessed, especially now Amazon has announced Kindle Fire tablet at  $199, it is widely specualted that the 7-inch table will be the first device to outrun the iPad for its money.

That said, according to Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White, Apple will debut a cheaper iPad in addition to the iPad 3 in order to keep a competitive edge.

Apple, of course, refused to pass comment on the rumors.

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