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Windows Phone Marketplace surpasses 40,000 apps

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform now features more than 40,000 apps and games in its Marketplace, according to All About Windows Phone.

Microsoft’s newbie smartphone operating system is way behind in adoption compared to iOS and Android, there are indications that Windows Phone is poised to pick up a lot of steam in 2012, and its phones will feature less-expensive hardware options, 4G LTE and NFC capabilities. Research firms, including Gartner and IDC, have foretold that Windows Phone 7 platform will be the No. 2 among all smartphone platform in the world by 2015.  One thing that will likely help its growth will be Nokia, which has bet the house on Windows Phone 7 and recently debuted its slick-looking Lumia 800 and 710 smartphones.

In August 2011, the Windows Marketplace hit the 30,000-app mark and reached 35,000 mark in October. This emphasizes that the developers are beginning to see the value in having a Windows Phone app on top of having one for iOS and Android. Microsoft has been paying the development costs for some high-profile companies to make Windows Phone 7 apps, as well as coaxing webOS developers to move to the Windows Phone platform  since HP decided to stop manufacturing webOS devices.

It is true that Windows Phone platform does not surpass the Apple’s App Store and Google Android Market which have 500,000 and 300,000 apps respectively. But it is taken into consideration that Windows Phone Platform is only about a year old. This fact make it more impressive.

To catch the Windows Phone 7′ app growth more effectively, take a glance at the graph below:

Source: venturebeat