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Samsung Galaxy Note Lightning Review: Wait, Who Ordered This?

Great technologies are often met with the response “I never knew I wanted that!” So, uhm, here’s the Samsung Galaxy Note! It will only fit in raverpants, and its trademark feature is a stylus. One may wonder for its features whether they are magnanimous smartphones or tiny tablet?

Well, it looks like every other tablet, obviously a rectangle of glass. This is their cup of tea who have the love for scribbling with stylus and for media eaters. This is thin and that there is a stylus jammed into it. It feels a bit plasticky though – too bad that it is becoming Samsung’s specimen.

The UI trails, still the pen is a real kind of fun, it can also be said as a unique factor of using an outdated technology on a modern product. But the best of Samsung Galaxy Note is that its large, beautiful super AMOLED HD screen.

The Achilles’ Heels of Samsung Galaxy Note is that when the user tries to justify putting a pen in the phone, they need to nail a biddy. The stylus misses way too many touches. Stylus doesn’t work on capacitive home keys.

-Though the TouchWiz UI lags a bit, the Note performs pretty well once your app is launched.
-Despite the very large battery, I still had to charge up in the middle of the day—the gigantic screen and the LTE radio bled the phone dry.
-You want to have your finger on the S-Pen’s button so you can grab a screencap or to bring up S Memo, but if you accidentally press the button (and you will—it has a bit of a hair trigger) the stylus stops writing.
-The S-Pen’s is so short and thin that it’s actually hard to hold. It’s like trying to write with a bamboo skewer.
-Not being able to use the pen on the the capacitive buttons is extremely annoying.
-Camera takes excellent photos and video (as you can see in the gallery). Certainly on par with the Galaxy S II. BUT, the shutter is insanely slow. Like often more than a second between when you hit the button and when it takes the shot (even after focus was set).
-The pen is supposed to differentiate between hundreds of levels of pressure. I’d say there’s more like… 8. When you’re pressing very lightly it doesn’t sense the touch at all.
-Handwriting recognition was terrible.

The physical features of Samsung Galaxy Note are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy Note
• Network: AT&T
• OS: Android 2.3 Gingerbread
• CPU: 1.5-GHz Dual-core Snapdragon processor
• Screen: 5.3-inch 800 x 1280 pixel LCD
• RAM: 1GB
• Storage: 32GB + up to 32GB microSD
• Price: $300 w/ 2-year contract, $650 w/o


Source: gizmodo

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