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Samsung: One In Ten South Koreans Now Owns A Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II was unveiled  at the end of April 2011. The phone was not a much big hit except,  South Korea. Yes.  It has actually become a mega hit in the country. According to maker Samsung, the Android operating handset has been sold a thumping 5 million times in its domestic market from the date of its launch. This can be put differently as a little more than 10% of the country’s population i.e. 48 million people, are now the proud owners of  Samsung Galaxy S II.

According to Japanese business daily, The Nikkei, the first cell phone that has attained this graph in mobile-crazy South Korea is Galaxy S II.  The newspaper also reads that one out of four South Korean smartphones users owns a Galaxy S II. This brings out that the feature phones do not play a big role in the country anymore.

In 2011, Samsung commanded a 53% market share in South Korea’s smartphone industry.

The company recently decided not to take legal action against its fiercest competitor, Apple, in its home market – despite being in a patent war with the iPhone maker the whole world over. It looks like Samsung can afford it.

Source: techcrunch

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