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Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Sees High Demand at Launch

The Galaxy Nexus just started up its sale on Thursday and within this short period, there are reports that states that the phone is running out of stock at some Verizon stores. According to Android and Me founder Taylor Wimberly, his local Verizon branch ran out of stock just hours after the phone went on sale. BGR is also informing the high-demand for the mobile on the day of its launch, with people lining up outside the store in Washington D.C. It is to be noted that, it has been just one week after Samsung released a number of commercials poking fun at Apple fans that line up for the launch of a new iPhone.

If you do happen to get turned away because of stock issues, there are a number of places selling the Galaxy Nexus besides Verizon. Best Buy has  some (and is apparently eager to sell them), as well as Costco. You should also check out Amazon. Though you might have to wait a few days for the Etail giant to ship the phone to you, it’s currently selling the phone for $150 on a two year contract, half the price that Verizon is offering.

Source: tomsguide

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