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Smartphones Consume 74 Percent Less Power Via Proxy

Scientists from Finland claim to have found a way to reduce the power consumption of 3G smartphones by up to 74 percent.

A researchers crew from Aaalto University said that the use of a network proxy that negotiates an Internet connection between mobile devices and the Internet can “handle” the majority of the data transformation for the phone, while enhancing data performance and reducing its power consumption at the same time.

Further details are not available. But the scientists cited that mobile optimized websites, HTTP compression and more efficient usage of data caching may also minimize the power consumption of a smartphone when connected to the Internet.

Significantly, the reduction of smartphone power consumption is much worth in developing countries. So that it could provide “significantly more effective Internet access to a much larger number of people”, says Jukka Manner from Aaalto University. Manner continued saying that 90 percent of the African population lives in areas with mobile phone network coverage, which makes the smartphone an important Internet access device. However, the adoption of the smartphone “is hindered by users not having access to the power grid”

This  case study showcased the capabilities of a network proxy. This research was conducted in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The results were published last week at the Africomm 2011 conference in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Source: tomsguide

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