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HP is Now the World’s Greenest IT Company

Greenpeace has updated its guide to greener electronics ranking and has revealed a new leader on Wednesday.

Earlier,  Nokia had the credit of being leader of green product, now HP has occupied the position of the greenest of them all. According to Greenpeace, HP has scored much well than other firms because of its sustainable operations energy criteria. HP scored 5.9/10. Dell also outranked Nokia by leading energy criteria and its attempts to reduce its overall emissions. It scored 5.1/10. Nokia was given the score of 4.9/10. But it is to be noticed that, however, both HP and Dell were criticized of not utilizing “green” materials in their products.

But Nokia still holds the priority in green product terms. It is now down because of its lack of using energy from sustainable sources and its goals of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. Apple was trailing the pack in the last ranking. It has now moved up five positions thereby touching the fourth place with 4.6/10.  and was glorified because of its green products and “relatively strong” green operations. Greenpeace also remembered to mention the massive usage of energy by HP to be the existing problem. On the other hand, Nintendo, as usual, did not included in the ranking anymore. Greenpeace ranked RIM at last place and gave a report that “RIM needs to improve reporting and disclosure of its environmental performance compared to other mobile phone makers.”

Philips, Sony Ericsson, Samsung scored 4.5/10, 4.2/10, 4.1 /10 respectively. Companies like Toshiba, LG and Acer failed to score well in Greenpeace’s guide.

 Source: tomshardware

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