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Creepy/Awesome Banjo App Now Pings You When Your Friends Are Nearby

Social discovery service Banjo has launched its cross-platform mobile application for iPhone and Android earlier this summer. It has just commenced a new way to keep in track of your friends’ location and about their current doings. It is automatic friend alerts. Friend alert in Foursquare pings every time whenever one of the users’ friend checks in somewhere. But this does not work so. This friend alerting feature works across social networks. The most important pleasing feature is that it only bothers the user when his/her friends are actually nearby.

Other friend alert applications annoys much when the user is engaged in a much important work, informing that a friend is downtown just checked into Starbucks. Of Course, it will be irritating. In addition, keeping track of the friends’ activity has typically been more of manual effort, makes feel some what stalker-like activity. The users have to launch Google Latitude or Apple’s new “Find My Friends” app. The user, relentlessly, has to keep on noticing on their Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare streams for updates. The service informs the user about their friend’s location who is just a block away or 5 miles away. Banjo gives the choice of  measurements. That’s what Banjo is doing now, and it’s awesome. The service that connects to Facebook, twitter, Foursquare and Gowalla accounts simply pop- ups a notification, through iOS and Android, when a friend is within the specified distance. The service gives option either to turn off the alerts or put them on pause with just a click. One can ever turn off the alerts for individual friends. The information sounds more useful and favorable for the users.

But the ability to specify the radius for alerts will be put in use in a few days. The friends alerts are in process now, however. Banjo, which just announced it has now reached 300,000 users, also finds nearby people through geo-tagged updates posted to TwitPic and Instagram. As of yet, those networks are only used for discovery purposes, not to provide alerts.

The app can be downloaded from this link:  here on iTunes or here on the Android Market.

Source: techcrunch

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