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Leaked Timeline Points To Post-Black Friday Galaxy Nexus Launch

Few devices have inspired a following quite as pursuit as the Galaxy Nexus, and the fans of this device will be happy to come to know that a recently leaked Verizon document pegs Samsung and Google’s recent collaboration with a post-Black Friday launch window. A fistful of Droid-Life’s sources says that the Galaxy Nexus is slated to unveil the week after Black Friday,  idea which is supposedly corroborated by an image of a Verizon time-line.

It is not easy to state the expectation of consumers, but it appears to be a promotions schedule that lays out when each of Verizon’s handsets will get their holiday marketing push. It resembles Droid RAZR and it will be part of Verizon’s holiday spotlight through Christmas, while the poor Rezound has to make do with a mere two weeks in the limelight. At the same time, the marketing effort for Samsung’s entire portfolio, included Galaxy Nexus apparently kick off after Thanksgiving, and could run straight through the holidays alongside the RAZR. It is also said that Verizon has probably consumed a pretty penny to snatch the Galaxy Nexus before anyone else in the U.S., and it is no wonder that it too may be getting a pronounced promotional push to drive sales.

The timeline does not provide strong confirmation (Verizon could easily start their marketing efforts in advance of the launch to build hype), but the timing surly seems to make sound reason. A post-Black Friday launch means people are already on the spur of the moment to make some purchases, and it gives Verizon enough time to enhance the Galaxy Nexus in the run up to your gift-giving holiday of choice.

Source: techcrunch

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