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Google’s Music Store Will Be in Android Market?

Google misjudged and revealed that the Android Market will soon sell music.

Google is laying out to launch its music store within next few weeks, though it looks like rumors, it might actually be true, as one sharp-eyed blogger observed a slip up on the mobile version of Google Music. Though the blunder is corrected, it is not made before the blog took a screen dump revealing that the Android Market will sell music tracks.

For the knowledge of those who have already enlisted in the Google Music beta, the site says that it stores up to 20,000 of user’s favorite songs online for free. Users can log onto Google Music via their browser on the PC, if they wish to get started.  More information can be fetch up by the click of a button. The site was also able to get a second step before Google quickly checked the page: “Get songs from your favorite artists in Android Market,” the site read, “including hundreds of free tracks.” An additional button read “Shop Android Market” that led to this address.

As said, the mobile site was altered to cast aside the Android Market reference. When the service is really launched, Android device owners will likely see their Market app auto-update to reveal a Music fourth category as Google updates the browser-based version for desktops. This new Music section lets the users to buy music on the Android Market and can store the files for free in Google Music. Consumer either can load up the Music app on their Android device or load up Google Music in a browser to play back the files.

In case if Google plans to contend with Amazon, then all the files will be automatically stored for free, but any music that is uploaded to the virtual locker will be counted against the 20,000 song limit.

After all, now Google just needs to deal with movies and TV episodes…


Source: tomsguide

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