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Nokia Vs. The Industry: A Look At The Global Battle Over Mobile Advertising [Infographic]

It is well known that Mobile advertising is a furore right now. According to comScore, mobile advertising is estimated to touch $2.5 billion by 2014, with $2.7 billion projected in mobile ad revenues for the current year and $6.6 billion by 2016.

In August, 84.5 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones,  and the count keeps on increasing. In the U.S., the bigs in mobile OSs, iOS, RIM, Symbian, and Windows, are competing for market share, with Android presently topping the pack.

Similar to U.S., Europe do contains more numbers for smartphone usage:  comScore of July 2011 reports, 88.4 million mobile subscribers (in the EU5) were using smartphone. Symbian topped the smartphone platforms with 37.8 percent of market share in Europe, and Android follows grabbing the second place with 22.3 percent of market share, also leading iOS which is with 20.3 percent market share.

Nokia positioned as the world’s largest maufacturer of smartphone devices by volume, until Apple marched on in June of this year. Earlier of this year, Nokia publicized  its plans to replace Symbian and MeeGo with Windows Phone on most of its high end devices. The Finnish manufacturer  always has a wide array of products, but the company always endeavor to grip a secure base in U.S.

Nokia’s upcoming new Windows phones won’t be getting at U.S. stores for atleat a few more months, but as Chris Weber, U.S. President of Nokia Operations mentioned, those Windows Phones will be the first high-profile Nokia launches in years. Nokia, other than any other companies, is more aware in its struggle to maintain its relevance.  Chris Weber also mentions “The reality is if we are not successful with Windows Phone, it doesn’t matter what we do elsewhere.

But there exist a hope of Nokia will make a big comeback with its Windows Phone. Taking Apple’s table scraps and pushing RIM down may turn out to be a good strategy for Nokia going forward, especially two familiar brands, as John mentions, – Microsoft and Nokia – are better than RIM.

Nokia is being favorable in Europe because of its phones, stores, and service are local, useable, and cheap. If they are capable of profiting on brand recognition and first-time smart-phone customers, it may work.

As you’ll see below, Nokia’s absolute ad requests (which are what makes mobile advertising tick) continue to grow month-to-month, and when it comes to click-through-rates (CTR), Nokia has been consistently outperforming the rest of the industry (abroad), which includes the likes Android, iOS, and RIM.

As the infographic shrewdly reveals, with high ad requests and CTRs, this makes a lot of happy Nokia developers and advertisers. Whether this trend can continue has Nokia moves its Windows Phone-powered devices into the U.S. remains to be seen, but, at the very least, it’s certainly a silver lining.

Without further ado, a look at global Nokia ad requests, CTR, distribution, and top countries:

Source: techcrunch

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