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The King Has Fallen: Samsung Dethrones Apple As Smartphone Leader

Even before the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’s sale is started, Samsung succeeded in attaining the lead against Apple to become the largest mobile phone maker by  revenue in the third quarter of 2011. But Nokia still persist in crowning for mobile phone sales by volume, and for Apple, it has been pushed back by both Nokia and Samsung to take the number three spot in terms of revenue.

At the same time, Samsung has not disclosed the exact numbers, the Guardian spoke to Daiwa Securities technology analyst Jae Lee, who evaluates that Samsung has sold around 28 million phones in the third quarter, Whereas Apple has made only 17 million phones. Yet it is tough comparison to estimate because Apple releases a phone per year while Samsung launches quite a few more than that.

Samsung Galaxy S II has given its hands to achieve the goal of breaking the records in this quarter with sales of 14.9 trillion won up (US $13.5 billion) 37 percent from last year. While declining to offer sales figures for handsets, a Samsung representative conveyed that smart-phones sales had quadrupled the previous quarter, with overall handset shipments increasing by more than 20 percent.

With the result of  Gartner research, the Guardian figures out that 20 percent increase to be shipments of about 86 million handsets between July and September.  It is well known that Samsung is wrapped up in a massive legal wrangle with Apple and still it is capable of possess the crown. Considering Apple, the company’s  CEO Tim Cook intends strategies for Apple’s upcoming quarter, predicting record iPhone and iPad sales. The time will soon show whether the crown will be replaced or it will exist with the same corporation.

Source: techcrunch

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