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StoryDesk Brings Sales Catalogs To The iPad through CatalogApp

StoryDesk is a tablet publishing platform for enterprise. StoryDesk launched its first of many  products, called CatalogApp. CatalogApp is an i-pad application that makes businesses bring their sales catalogs to the tablet computer.

It is easy-to-use app that even non-technical expertise can handle it. CatalogApp users can enter in or even drag-and-drop about the product details like pricing, its photos and so on. A sales professional can log in with their own user name and password to use the application. After signing in, the catalog is updated and in offline the entire contents are cached.

Responses on blogging about using i-pad as a sales tool, led Jordan Stolper, former CEO of gliider, a travel research tool, to create StoryDesk. This application will enable businesses to sell products and services using the tablet form factor. Launched in June, StoryDesk now has 300 customers including manufacturing, pharma, gifts, financial services and agriculture. CatalogApp is now available at $39 per user per month. The process of adding items to an order from the catalog pages is as easy as tapping a green plus (+) button next to the product’s listing. Sales orders created in the app can be sent off through e-mail.

With this app, the i-pad navigation gets more interactive. For Stolper, StoryDesk isn’t just about building tools for enterprise, it’s about a re-imagining the process of bringing ideas to life. Another product, focused on the service-oriented business space, by StoryDesk is expected to be launched.

Source: techcrunch

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