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Mobile app usage: active all day, spikes in prime time

Marketers call segmenting sections of the day that attract the largest audience “day parting”, and it works for mobile apps too. According to new analysis from app analytics firm Flurry, mobile usage reaches its peak at 9p.m.

The interesting fact is not just that usage is highest in the evening, but comparatively higher than TV and Internet. TV and Internet can be used to a lesser extent, in their fixed locations. Mobile devices are used at any moment and this quality has made the mobile applications incredibly popular.

The analysis measured the usage on a set of mobile apps that reach 15 million iOS and Android users and plotted their relative usage during the day. Flurry has a good reason to tout mobile usage numbers for it will help to appeal the advertisers. If the Flurry numbers are accurate, however, it does show there’s plenty of incentive for advertisers to look at mobile. They can focus on reaching users during prime time and can consider campaigns that are geared toward this part of the day, perhaps in conjunction with TV campaigns, which is something Shazam, Yahoo and others are trying to exploit.. There is also an opportunity to reach customers throughout the day more expeditiously than through TV and Internet.

Flurry said there are an estimated 110 million iOS and Android devices in use in the U.S. Using the day parting information, that means there are about 33 million consumers, or 30 percent of iOS and Android users, using an application at 10 a.m. And throughout the day, from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., mobile apps reach more than 20 million U.S. consumers per hour.

With  the fast growth of smart phones and tablets, mobile day parting is a good opportunity for advertisers. Mobile phones are often used at home in the evening. People use mobile phone apps in conjunction with the viewing of TV. Developers should look at the ways to enhance this information and how to complement other media. Many apps can find value in gearing themselves toward the fact that a lot of mobile usage happens in the home.

Source: gigaom

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