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Amazon’s Kindle fire is hot according to social media

Since the unveiling of Amazon’s new tablet, named the Kindle Fire, 11k+ comments has been posted in sources tracked by SocialNuggets, a leading social media analytic firm.Would the new tablet be a worthy competitor or even dethrone the iPad? Considering these conceptions gives us the indication of market views and how people may react when it got release in mid-November.

While still it is not available for six more weeks, people have brought out their views to buy or buy not. The number intending to purchase it has outnumbered the rejecting, it is the ratio of buy and buy not is 2:1.

The price of kindle fire has made people enthusiastic and eager to purchase it. It is priced at less than half the prevailing prices of iPad and other best tablets in the market. Almost 10% of the comments contained a favorable mention of Fire’s pricing – previous research from immr has shown that tablet prices must drop below $300 to open up the tablet market beyond early adopters,  so Amazon has clearly hit the mark with respect to pricing. Amazon has also introduced a new browser named silk that is integral to the overall user experience.

Small percentage of individuals has commented on the “missing features in kindle fire”. 1% of them commented that kindle fire does not offer 3G and fewer commented on the fact that the initial model due out in November lacks a camera. Considering the evidences from other source supports, Amazon is taking a calculated risk by leaving these features out. Based on immr research with prospective buyers, 1 out of 3 choose 3G, while the other choose lower priced models with  Wi-fi only. consumers are content having cameras on their smart phones and are not overly concerned that tablets and the Kindle Fire in particular lacks a camera.

However the results brings us into the interpretation that Amazon has hit a sweet spot with the Kindle Fire. Pricing has gained more score which makes us the ‘missing features’ to leave.

Source: gigaom

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