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T-Mobile Announces The Dual-Screen LG DoublePlay, Launching November 2nd?

The dual-screen Kyocera Echo didn’t attract much and there follows a couple of dual-screen devices on their way to market, that includes Sony S2 tablet, show much more promise. T-Mobile has just announced the Android based smartphone, LG DoublePlay (codenamed Flip II) — a split-keybord QWERTY slider with not one, but two, capacitive touch screens. The features makes the mobile look pretty stylish and real smart.

T-Mobile is calling the DoublePlay the “ultimate multi-tasking tool,” because the dual screen will let the user to do two things at a time. For ex., the user can surf the web on the main screen and meanwhile update Facebook on the smaller screen. The screens can also be used in tandem, that is one behind the other.

This smartphone includes a1 GHz Snapdragon processor powering Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 5-megapixel rear camera with LED flash, auto focus, and 720p video capture, along with access to T-Mobile’s Group Text and Cloud Text services. If the split QWERTY keyboard is not your cup of tea, the mobile also comes pre-loaded with Swype for easier text input.

T-Mobile and LG are not sure about pricing and availability, but according to a leaked T-Mobile roadmap, the truffle-colored LG DoublePlay can probably expected to see on November 2 for $149 on-contract.

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