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Sony’s Tablet S and Tablet P get Japanese 3G versions on October 28th

Sony has partnered with NTT DoCoMo to add a dash of cellular connectivity to its line of slates.  Sony’s first entries into the Honeycomb tablet market, the creatively-named Tablet S and Tablet P, are getting mobile broadband versions in their home market. The company has already launched Tablet S earlier this September which (the partiuclar model) was Wi-Fi only. Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo will start selling 3G versions of both devices on October 28th. On this side of the Pacific, regarding the dual screen Tablet P, it is still complete no-show in the country.

Sony planned to release the wireless in November, but the release has now ahead of schedule. The Google translation is a little quivery, but it seems like new users will have a 1050 yen ($14) discount applied to their data plan for the first six months. To their credit, both Tablet S and P use Android Honeycomb 3.2.Tablet S possesses a 1280 x 720 screen. Dual screen Tablet P provides 1024 x 480 each. Both Tablets feature Tegra 2 processors and Playstation certification, PlayStation Certified tabs at speeds of up to 14Mbps down / 5.7Mbps up. Addition to these features, a rear 5 megapixel 720p camera. The Tablet S has a built-in infrared port to control televisions and set-top boxes, and both of them feature DLNA certification and access to Sony’s media stores for music, video and e-books. There is no word about the release of Table P of 3G versions in United States.

So, there’ll be two flat-rate data plans on offer when the devices go on sale this October 28th.


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